Not so far away the small and lively dragons of elements called Safiras live in the magical land of Tarakona. In the forests, the water, the clouds and the mountains of Tarakona the dragons of earth, water, air and fire...bustle around.

The four big families of dragons live together in peace and harmony. Together they take care of the balance of the four elements in their empire.

The Safiras tell stories of an invisible, mysterious dragon-princess, which watches over her magical dragon-empire and also protects it. But none of the dragons has ever seen her. She ought to be gorgeous and very powerful.

All dragons have magical power to fulfil their important duties in Tarakona. With this power they are empowered by the sparkling gems of element. Every dragon has his own gem of element, which he hides in a personal, magical place and which gives him his personalized power. Only if the gem is located in this magical place, it is able to pass on its power to the dragon. In case of the safe keeping of the gem, a special scale on the dragons’ skin starts to shine and they know that everything is alright. But if they lose their gem, the glow expires and with it all their forces.


It turns out that the mysterious, invisible dragon-princess, which provides every dragon with its personal gem of element, has forgotten the little dragon of shadow long time ago. With the help of the other dragons, Draki accomplishes to find the dragon-princess and to earn his gem. He is overjoyed and the shadow world on the verge of Tarakona turns into a colorful world. Draki becomes a gorgeous dragon-prince and there is a magnificent marriage in the new empire of dragons.
But soon new dangers threaten …

Life of the four families of the dragons of element would be so quiet and harmonious, if only there wasn’t the small, evil dragon of shadow called Draki.
The dragons of earth meet in the light-flooded, magnificent tree-residence between the branches of immemorial, big trees.
The dragons of water assemble in the gardens of corals, a wonderful castle underwater with small pavilions and filigreed towers of corals among a colorful underwater world.
The dragons of air love their airy castle of clouds, which shines in all colors of the sky and from which they can oversee whole Tarakona.
The mighty volcanic-towers in the high volcanoes are the assembly place of the dragons of fire. This is where the eternal fire of the volcanoes burns and where the rare flowers of fire bloom.